We envision a thriving Pacific, in which prosperous Native island peoples determine their communities' successes by managing and sharing the resources of their own flourishing cultures.



Our Company

Kaʻānaniʻau LLC is a Native Hawaiian owned and operated small business firm incorporated in 2012. At Kaʻānaniʻau LLC, our mission is to empower Native Pacific peoples. Kaʻānaniʻau specializes in its community-based, culturally appropriate approach to providing high-quality training, technical assistance, project design, capacity building, outreach, and other services designed to help communities solve social problems.

Through our work, Kaʻānaniʻau has formed relationships with non-profit organizations, small governments, small businesses, and individuals across the Pacific, particularly in Hawaii, Guahan (Guam), American Sāmoa, Saipan, and Micronesia. Kaʻānaniʻau also regularly works with tribes and Hawaiian populations on the continental U.S., mainly on the West Coast.

Our Senior Team

Our multi-talented, agile administrative staff represents more than 70 cumulative years of experience working with Federal agencies in the Pacific region, as well as state and local organizations like the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the Department of Hawaiian Homelands, the governments of Guam and American Sāmoa, and more.

A highly-qualified pool of consultants on each Hawaiian Island and across the Pacific stands ready to contribute their unique skillsets and community networks as needed.

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  • Focused, in-depth technical assistance
  • High-quality training and resource toolkits
  • Innovative solutions and technology
  • Disciplined bookkeeping and data collection
  • Strong community connections
  • Familiarity with native protocols and languages


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